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My name is Chrissy, and I am the one woman show behind Chrissy Liu Jewelry.  On October 30, 2021 I will be celebrating the third anniversary of my business.  I stumbled upon metalsmithing after I had my little one and chose to leave my career as an oncology hospital administrator to be at home with her.  One weekend I took an introduction to metalsmithing class in Seattle (where we were living at the time), and I immediately fell in love.  This new found passion became my outlet whenever I needed some time for myself, and six months later, I filed the paperwork to create this business.   

In the three years since Chrissy Liu Jewelry was created, I have launched my own website, shown in my work in New York City and all around Colorado, been featured in national and international magazines and websites, sold my work to stores around the country, participated in an international design competition and I  will be headed to Milan Jewelry Week in 2022.  But most importantly, I have had the honor of creating jewelry for women and men all around the US and abroad.  The fact that I have made designs that resonate with others truly means the world me. 

I have never been one to follow the crowds, and sometimes, that can be a lonely path.  Not here though.  I feel like my unique and bold designs have given me the opportunity to meet amazing people both at in person shows and online.  I am forever grateful for your support, purchases, encouragement and for following along on this journey.  

Chrissy Liu Jewelry at Metal & Smith Show, NYC Feb 2020

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