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Emotion through Art

Emotion through Art

This pandemic and current climate has definitely taken its toll. Relationships and families are suffering from differences in behaviors and beliefs.  I sometimes can't seem to wrap my brain around how we got here.  Why is all of this division, sickness, death, and anger continuing to happen?  We don't seem to be learning our lesson as a nation and that's scary.  Rather than get mad every time I watch the news, I decided to channel my energy into my designs.  I have begun to really enjoy being able to tell a story through my work, and I hope you enjoy learning about the why behind the designs. 

The fracture in this cuff represents the strained relationships caused by the pandemic and politics. The sleeping beauty turquoise set in 18K gold is a reminder of brighter days ahead. I believe we can get there if people can remember that their actions do in fact impact others.  

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